Who's Talking About Firefly?

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Sep/Oct 2017

POWER Magazine

New Products

Used by elite athletes and professional teams to accelerate the recovery process after high intensity exercise, the Firefly™ device increases blood flow to improve muscle performance and reduce DOMS...

Sep. 5, 2017

The Best Health Tech 2017:

Gadgets To Help Keep You Fit And Healthy

Firefly is a wearable that helps accelerate sports recovery after exercise and minor injury. It's portable, has no leads or wires, and is worn behind the knee…

Jul. 26, 2017

No pain, no gain?

Not so, according to Firefly…

Data is showing us more and more that recovery is just as important to an athlete's performance as is the training. From the deep pockets of companies like Gatorade and PowerBar, nutrition and hydration are mainstream tools to help an athlete perform at their peak and minimize fatigue…

Jan. 4, 2017

Immediate Impact

Tools & Modalities

Proper recovery is essential to the health and performance of any athlete. After breaking down their muscles during exercise and competition, there are a number of ways that athletes can refuel their bodies and repair their damaged muscle…

Dec. 13, 2016

Recovery is the new fitness science

The Jaguars are using a device called the "Firefly" for player recovery…

Everybody's heard that advice about staying healthy. As regular exercise became part of professional advice for living longer, more productive lives, the science of fitness found all kinds of "secrets" to being fit…



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