Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the Firefly work?

It works for up to 30 hours, with 24 hours being guaranteed. We have added wear times to maximize recovery which tend to be 2-4 hours of wear, per treatment. If you wore the device in 4-hour increments for recovery you should get about 7 treatments out of a single pack. Be sure to hold down the button for at leaste 4 seconds to turn the device fully off after each use to maximize the life of the product.

Watch this video to learn more about the technology and correct operation of the Firefly device.

Why is it disposable?

The OnPulse technology that powers the Firefly was developed initially for hospital use. It was developed to prevent DVT in patients that were not able to be mobile. In the Hospital space devices are typically worn for 24 hours and disposed of for cleanliness and safety. We have not modified the design as of yet. You should get 7-8 treatments out of a single pair of Firefly.

Why order the strap kit?

Since the Firefly is gel based for adhesion if you wear the device multiple times the gel can lose its adhesiveness. A strap kit allows you to maximize using the device multiple times and keeping it in place. The strapping of the unit in place also prevents it from moving if you choose to sleep with it on.

Is it worth it?

What is the cost of recovery or not recovering. For roughly $30/pack you will get 30 hours of treatment. This equates to $1/hour for recovery. If you follow our treatment guidelines each treatment costs around $4 per treatment.

How does it differ from Muscle Stim?

The Firefly is a modified NMES signal that stimulates a nerve not a muscle. By stimulating the peroneal nerve specifically, we can cause muscles to pump and therefore increase blood flow. Stimulating a muscle for extended periods of time can cause muscle fatigue. We avoid muscle fatigue by stimulating a nerve. This is very safe. WE ARE NOT MUSCLE STIM OR TENS.

What other technologies in the recovery space are you similar too?

There are no other technologies we are aware of that use nerve stimulation for blood flow. If we were to be compared to a technology, it would be pneumatic compression sleeves that compress the lower extremities for increased blood flow.

Can it be used on other parts of the body?

Our device is specifically meant to be applied on the peroneal nerve to increase blood flow from the lower extremities to the heart (systemic blood flow). We also increase lower extremity microcirculatory blood flow by 400%. We have not researched our technology on any other nerves in the body to increase blood flow.

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