A look at science behind D.C. United recovery during tough road stretch

December 3, 2019

New device fuels sports recovery movement

For decades, sports has centered on the notion that the longer you practice and the harder you train, the better you'll play. In recent years, that appears to have changed.

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October 10, 2019


How sports science is preparing the Bucs for 4,400-mile London trip

For the flight itself, players will get compression socks and a device called a Firefly…

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May 21, 2018


Infinite Esports Gamers Begin Using Same firefly™ Tech as Mainstream Athletes

The physical demands on esports athletes don't resemble the rigors of mainstream sports, except in one key area: travel.

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May 2, 2018


firefly™ Recovery Device - Complete Product Review

The firefly™ will likely be something you may want to add to your sports recovery regime. It's easy-to-use and devastatingly effective.

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Mar. 21, 2018

Recover with Purpose | Blog

firefly™ – Benefits and Why We Use It!

At PMST, part of the client's recovery protocol can include the firefly™ which accelerates the recovery process, enabling them to return to their next scheduled session or physical activity with little or no limitations.

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Mar. 07, 2018

Press Release

The geko™ Device Receives FDA 510(k) for Edema Reduction Supporting Entry in the USA

Geko, using the same OnPulse™ technology as firefly™.

Sky Medical Technology Ltd, parent company of Firstkind Ltd, a UK based innovator and manufacturer of medical devices, announced today it has received U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) clearance to market the geko™ device for edema reduction to address all pre and post-operative clinical applications in the USA.

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Feb. 23, 2018

Master-Athlete.com | Blog

firefly™ Recovery Review

Well that's where the device 'firefly™' comes in (no not the once great TV show!) a device that is touted as being purely for recovery and one that I came across stalking athletes on Instagram…

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Feb. 13, 2018


John Heslin's and Brian Fenton Discuss firefly™ on Twitter.

That was clearly the craic with Brian Fenton, who posted a photo on Twitter of 'The firefly™ Recovery Devices with the caption, "These have been an ideal addition to muscle recovery over the last few weeks.

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Jan. 2018

Catalyst 4 Fitness

Recovery from exercise can be sped up by using the firefly™

The firefly™ recovery device is the bomb. Let me explain that this is not some high-priced professional athlete-only product. If you have sore legs, ankles, or feet for any reason, from exercise to everyday activity, this is not only better but also faster than any copper socks, compression socks, or heating pads.

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Sep/Oct 2017

POWER Magazine

New Products

Used by elite athletes and professional teams to accelerate the recovery process after high intensity exercise, the firefly™ device increases blood flow to improve muscle performance and reduce DOMS...

Jan. 4, 2017

Immediate Impact

Tools & Modalities

Proper recovery is essential to the health and performance of any athlete. After breaking down their muscles during exercise and competition, there are a number of ways that athletes can refuel their bodies and repair their damaged muscle…

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Dec. 13, 2016

Recovery is the new fitness science

The Jaguars are using a device called the "firefly™" for player recovery…

Everybody's heard that advice about staying healthy. As regular exercise became part of professional advice for living longer, more productive lives, the science of fitness found all kinds of "secrets" to being fit…

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