An interview with Courtney Watson

Founder of Court's Corner LA

As a huge proponent of firefly™, Courtney Watson, Head Athletic Trainer for the WNBA Los Angeles Sparks and founder of Court's Corner LA, strives to educate her athletes on the importance of recovery. That in order to improve their performance and longevity on the court, it is what they do and don't do off the court that has the biggest impact.

Courtney integrates firefly™ into her routine of nutrition education, through progressive dynamic warm up, ice baths, and elevation. However, firefly™ is the unique technique with the ability to travel with the players on cramped planes and buses between games.

And her girls that know their bodies the best, the veterans who have mastered balancing the workloads of the WNBA and overseas schedules, ask for firefly™ over and over again. The hard work and recovery tactics are paying off too, especially for Courtney's Spark star player, Nneka Ogwumike, who has been able to continue producing at her elite level for Russian's Dynamo Kursk.