How to use the firefly™

Instructions for use
The instructions for use (including a list of precautions, warnings and specifications) for the firefly™ device and an easy to follow guide on fitting the firefly™ device are available to download below.

The firefly™ device is easily applied to the outside of the leg, just below the knee at the center of the fibula head.

firefly™ Instructions For Use PDF

firefly™ Fitting Instructions

Simple to follow, step-by-step instructions.

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How to locate the fibular head How to locate the fibular head

Locate the fibular head

Why is the fibular head important?
Locating the fibular head is important because the peroneal nerve wraps around the neck of the fibula allowing the firefly™ device to stimulate the exposed portion of the nerve.

Where is the fibular head?
The fibula head is located on the outside of the leg, just below the level of the knee. The fibula head can be felt as a round protrusion at the top of the fibula bone.

Fibular head diagram

Correct positioning

Prep the firefly™
Peel off the protective layer to expose the water based gel adhesive, taking care not to get any dirt or debris on the gel. The gel helps to ensure adequate conductivity and adhesion.

Secure the device
Secure the device to a straight leg so that the raised indicator line on the device (marked with arrows) is positioned at the center of the fibula head.

Firefly positioning example

1. Prep the device

Firefly positioning example

2. Secure to your leg

How to position the firefly device

Confirm the position is correct
The head of the device should be positioned towards the front of the leg — with the tail of the device wrapped around and to the rear of the leg below the crease of the knee. This will put the negative electrode (shaded area on the bottom of your device) over the common peroneal nerve.

Application tip: To ensure proper conductivity of the device the application area may need be cleared of body hair and gently wiped clean, and the properly dried.

How to turn on

Turn the device ON/OFF

How to turn the device ON
Use a short press or click of the button (0.5 seconds) to activate the device (the device will start once the button has been released).

How to turn the device OFF
Click and hold the button for 4-5 seconds, or until the device indicator light turns off.

How to INCREASE levels
After the device is on use short clicks (about 1/2 a second) of the button to cycle through the firefly’s 7 levels, as indicated by the flashing indicator light. For most people levels 3 and 4 should be optimal for nerve stimulation.

How to DECREASE levels
You can use longer clicks (about 1-2 seconds each) to reduce the levels of intensity.

Troubleshooting Tips

The device is turned on, but nothing is happening?

Reposition the device
Exact anatomical positions may vary in certain individuals. If the original location does not produce movement of the muscles, stimulation may be achieved using an alternative location behind the knee. Download our full instructions for use to read about alternative fitting areas.

Flex your knee
Optimal stimulation of the nerve is achieved when the knee is in flexion position—a bent knee stimulates more easily.

Use knee straps
Use of the firefly™ knee straps helps to ensure a secure and close fit with the device allowing optimal stimulation and conductivity. If you did not purchase the Starter Kit, straps can be purchased in our shop. Straps are reusable and only need to be purchased once.

Firefly Device Anatomy Diagram