Study 1

Tucker et al

Augmentation of venous, arterial and microvascular blood supply in the leg by isometric neuromuscular stimulation via the peroneal nerve.

The use of OnPulse™ technology for neuromuscular electrostimulation of the muscles in the lower leg significantly increases blood flow and velocity back to the heart.

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Study 2

Beaven et al

Electrostimulation’s enhancement of Recovery During a Rugby Preseason.

Electrostimulation produced both psychometric and physiological recovery benefits in professional male rugby players when combined with a lower-body compression garment.

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Study 3

Ferguson et al

Effect of neuromuscular electrostimulation via the peroneal nerve on one-legged peak oxygen uptake and peak power output following four weeks of high intensity intermittent training.

The use of firefly™ for NMES immediately after a training session did not have a detrimental effect on muscle adaptation.

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Study 4

Ferguson et al

Neuromuscular electrical stimulation via the peroneal nerve is superior to graduated compression socks in reducing perceived muscle soreness following intense intermittent endurance exercise.

The use of firefly™ (NMES) is superior to compression socks in reducing perceived muscle soreness following intense intermittent endurance exercise.

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Study 5

Pelech et al

Comparing the effects of acupuncture with neuromuscular stimulation on short term lower limb blood flow; an observational study.

The firefly™ device considerably increased blood flow which could benefit training recovery and injury healing, without significantly increasing metabolic activity in the calf muscle.

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Study 6

Taylor et al

The impact of neuromuscular electrical stimulation on recovery after intensive, muscle damaging, maximal speed training in professional team sports players.

The use of firefly™ (NMES) aids the physiological and psychological measures of recovery that can lead to significant increases in performance 24 hours post strenous exercise. firefly™ offers an easily applied recovery strategy which may have particular application during sleep and travel.

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Study 7

Ben Dixon

Case Study: The use of Neuromuscular Electrostimulation during Rehabilitation Post Osteoarticular Transfer System Surgery in a Professional Football Player.

This case study shows firefly™ (NMES) could play an important role in injury rehabilitation and an athlete’s return to play protocols.

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