Professional American Volleyball Athlete Review

Falyn Fonoimoana

Professional American Volleyball Athlete Review

Amanda Dowdy


Matt J.

I have really been happy with the product! I have had a slightly strained quad for two weeks prior to getting my firefly™ devices. Since we have games on Sunday, and are perpetually short on players, I haven't been able to take enough time off for it to heal. Then I heard Joe Gomes talk about the firefly™ Recovery device on STEM-Talk. After thinking about it a bit (and an email to you, which was helpful, so thank-you), I decided to give the firefly™ recovery devices a try. After just one full week of using the devices my quad was healed and did not notice any discomfort during yesterday's game. Amazing.

Use Them on Travel

"The firefly™ is sold as a device that works particularly well at improving blood flow during long periods of inactivity, such as when traveling on long-haul flights. That’s probably true but I feel so bad after long flights that I can’t say whether anything is going to make me feel great after enduring them. Nevertheless, my experience from a reasonable 3-hour flight to and from San Diego suggest that they work well at helping you recover."


Review on recovery

"I gave firefly™ a run for its money. Up to now, the longest distance I had run was a half marathon, 13.1 miles (21km). I decided to run 16.5 miles (27 km) followed by 6 miles (10 km) the next day — both competitive events. I ran both events at a pace under 8 mins/mile (5 mins/km). I used firefly™ for 4 hours after the first event and 5 hours after second. Having run a half marathon 2 months earlier, I still felt soreness 4 days after the event. With firefly™, I felt same intensity of soreness the day after both events. This means, I have sped up,the recovery process by 3 days!!!"


Olympic Athlete Review

Manteo Mitchell

"Recovering is huge for me… my legs felt refreshed after the first session with firefly™. Then I had a tough workout yesterday and felt super light and quick. Huge race this weekend and performance was off the charts!"
— Manteo Mitchell, Olympic Athelete for the 200m & 400m

Skateboarder Review

Tory Grant

"I take a beating everyday from skateboarding…so I started to use firefly™, and overnight—the next day I literally felt so good on my skateboard. It's really impacted the way I skate now."
—Tory Grant, Pro Skateboarder

Weightlifter Review

Michaela Breeze

"firefly™ is a unique device which forms part of my post training recovery. The morning after a heavy session my legs feel fresher, less fatigued and ready to go for the next session."
—Michaela Breeze, Weightlifter

Pro Triathlete Review

Ritchie Nicholls

"I use firefly™ on long flights to keep blood circulating which helps my legs to feel fresher when I land and after tough training sessions and races for a faster recovery."
—Ritchie Nicholls, Pro Triathlete

Firefly Recovery Review

"I purchased 4 pairs, one pair I gave to a friend to try himself. I used one pair during my Aarhus competition 4 sessions of 4 hours and will now use the remaining two pairs over the coming weeks and subsequent competition. If it means that I am able to train that little bit harder and race that little bit faster, it’s worth it!"


Soccer Club Review

Erik Svendsen

"We have been incorporating the Firefly devices as part of our post competition recovery strategies for a few numbers of seasons. The Firefly™ provides us with a recovery tool that is easy to apply and wear whilst it provides our players with a tool that gives them the possibility to recovery quicker after games. For us this is considered crucial, especially in periods of congested fixtures. The simplicity of the devices offers a solution that allows players to wear them wherever they would go after a game, thus providing optimal acute recovery. We always try and provide our players with strategies that allow them to be ready to perform at an optimal level and we consider the Firefly to be part of this."
— Erik Svendsen, First Team Sports Scientist at Watford Soccer Club

firefly™ Review client testimonial

"I first used the Firefly after walking over 13 miles to watch my husband run the Chicago Marathon. My legs were incredibly sore by the end of the day. I wore the device for an hour before going to bed and woke up with no soreness. I again used the Firefly after a leg day workout followed by a Cross Training Circuit class. I used it for an hour and I felt much better in the morning. From here forward, I plan to use it after difficult leg workouts and also after a long day of gardening when I'm lifting bags of mulch, moving large rocks, and things like that. I like it because it is easy to wear and can be used while doing other activities. And most importantly, it works!"
— Leisa F.


The Firefly recovery device is the bomb. client testimonial

"Let me explain that this is not some high-priced professional athlete-only product. If you have sore legs, ankles, or feet for any reason, from exercise to everyday activity, this is not only better but also faster than any copper socks, compression socks, or heating pads. It is more affordable and so easy to use. Plus each set lasts for 30 hours. Here is my personal story. I workout regularly, taking Metabolic Explosion Training, that keeps me, at 52 years old, able to do all the things I want and enjoy doing. On this past Saturday morning, I started on a patio project that included laying 4 tons of flagstone and 1 ton of stacking stone. My legs from the knees down were killing me. They ached so much. I used the Firefly for an hour and the recovery was unbelievable."
— Kevin C.