Firefly Recovery on ESPN during Texas A&M vs Kansas Men's Basketball

Firefly was actively being used by a member of the Jayhawks team as a method of recovery after the games.

Firefly Recovery

Tory Grant Skateboarder

Tory Grant uses Firefly to recover faster, relieve muscle soreness, and reduce swelling after exercise with Firefly to help improve his techniques and skills in Skateboarding.

Geko™ Fitting

Demo on Healthcare Professional

The medical equivalent of the Firefly device. Powered by OnPulse™ technology, the non-invasive geko™ device triggers the body's built in mechanisms to increase blood circulation.

Post-Surgical Recovery

Mr. Universe | Calum von Moger

Professional body builder, Calum von Moger demonstrates how he uses the geko™ device — the medical equivalent of the firefly™ device — to help speed up his recovery after patellar surgery.

Joga Bonito

Julian C. Guilbeault Reviews the Firefly

Flyfly is a great product. I have used muscle stimulator devices before and this is a great alternative for people looking for a recovery tool they can throw in their gym bag and apply immediately after practice/games.


The Importance of Recovery - Firefly Recovery Device - Part 1

Unless you recover properly you wont get the most out of your training so anything that improves recovery time could be invaluable.


The Importance of Recovery - Firefly Recovery Device - Part 2

After a hard run it's time to fit the Firefly Recovery device and then test its efficiency. Let's see if it works.


The Importance of Recovery - Firefly Recovery Device - Part 3

The final part in the series seeing if the Firefly Recovery Device works to reduce recovery times from strenuous exercise.


Dr. Stephanie Cook OBE, Gold Medalist Modern Pentathlon, Sydney 2000: Firefly™ Testimonial

The DHL First Nation Home Challenge was a race of over 1000 miles around the UK and Ireland between teams representing England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales for Sport Relief.

Aaron Morgan

Middleweight National ABA Boxing Champion talks about Firefly™ Sport Recovery Device

Aaron Morgan talks about how and why he uses his firefly™ device.


Crossfit with Firefly™ and TRAIN Manchester

We filmed crossfitters Steven Fawcett, Nicola Simpson and Samantha Briggs at TRAIN in Manchester. The video demonstrates the intensity of CrossFit training and the TeamFirefly ambassadors talk about how firefly™ helps them recover.

Samantha Achterberg

Packing with Firefly™

Olympic modern pentathlete and U.S. Army Athlete packing while wearing her Firefly™ for recovery.



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